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Capt. Fermi’s Spaceship

Can you repair the ship’s engine and decide what port of call is next?

Our newest and most ambitious room yet.  You are onboard Captain Fermi’s spaceship and in charge of starting its engine.  Enjoy the sights and sounds of this strange ship.  Alien technology isn’t always what it seems, so be ready for some surprises.  

Fermi’s room is family friendly, but challenging for adults on their maiden voyage.

This room requires one person in your group to be physically able bodied.

There are bright and flashing lights that some people may be sensitive to.

60 mins | 6 People max

McWhirley’s Mystery

What happened to Mr. McWhirley and who is responsible?

You’ll find yourself immersed in a thrilling who-done-it game when you visit our McWhirley mystery escape room. It’s up to you to discover the facts of the case and find the missing toymaker. Mr. McWhirley, a beloved toy maker, has gone missing, and it is up to you to investigate why he is missing and who is responsible. There are some surprises in this small mystery escape room! Not everything is as it seems. Can you solve the mystery?

McWhirley’s room is family friendly, but challenging for adults.

60 mins | 6 People max

Zoe’s Torment

What horrors will you discover?

Years ago something horrible happened here…and it’s up to you to figure out what.  Work as a team to hunt for hidden clues, uncover secrets, and figure out how to unlock the door.  This intense-horror themed room is sure to scare you. Zoe’s room is NOT intended for younger visitors, both because of subject content and fear!  Please use discretion for children under 18.  This room has low levels of light and uses flashlights.

Zoe’s Torment is unique and unlike any escape room you have played.

60 mins | 6 People max

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never done an escape room. What is it like?

It’s a fun, challenging adventure with your friends. Typically there is a goal that you need to accomplish within a themed room. You are part of a group that looks for clues (some of which are hidden very well). You then use the clues to solve problems/puzzles/riddles. Sometimes the problems can be solved without clues, and sometimes you need the clues. Ultimately, there is goal that needs to be accomplished. Escape rooms are also called “real life adventure games.” This is referring to computer adventure games, but you play them in real life!

How long does it take?

You will get approximately 5-10 minutes of introductory information, rules, and a backstory.  Gameplay lasts about an hour, depending on how clever you are.  Then another 10 minutes for a debriefing and a free group photo if you wish.  Expect about one and a half hours total for your experience.

I’m not good at puzzles. Is that ok?

Sure! There are always people in the group that have different skills that help. Some are good at puzzles. Others search well. There are many roles you could play: leader, coordinator, etc. There are more than one type of puzzle in each room as well. If you get really stuck, you can always get a hint!

Can I get hints?

Each hint is $5….No, just kidding. You can choose to ask for hints at any time. Typically if you are looking really stuck, a clue will be given to keep your experience moving along.

Am I locked in?

No, there is always an exit door unlocked in case of emergency.

Do I have to share the room with strangers?

Pursue the Clue now offers private rooms exclusively so you will have the room all to yourselves.  The added bonus is that if you book less than the capacity of the room, you are welcome to bring extra players along last minute (just pay the difference before you play).  You can book your room in advance to keep the timeslot, plus be flexible on the number of players.

Should I bring anything?

Just yourself and reading glasses if you need them.

How old do you have to be to play?

That is a tough question, and depends on the person and group. 6 years old would be the youngest (young kids tend to get antsy) I would recommend if there are parents in the room with them. Young children are excellent at finding clues! Because the puzzles are challenging even for adults, it’s required to have at least someone in the group be 12 or older. Please call to discuss, if you wish!

Can I just show up and play?

Probably not. Staffing is based on reservations made in advance. If no players are scheduled for that time, there may not be anyone at the location to run the room. Better bet is to call first if you are dropping by without booking a room for a specified time. Best bet is to book online in advance!

We have special needs. Can you accommodate us?

Please call us and we will do our very best.


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