I've never done an escape room. What is it like?

It's a fun, challenging adventure with your friends. Typically there is a goal that you need to accomplish. You are part of a group that looks for clues (some of which are hidden very well). You then use the clues to solve problems/puzzles/riddles. Sometimes the problems can be solved without clues, and sometimes you need the clues. Ultimately, there is goal that needs to be accomplished. Escape rooms are also called "real life adventure games." This is referring to computer adventure games, but you play them in real life!

How long does it take?

That is up to you. If you are especially clever, you will be done in less than an hour. Larger groups tend to be faster as well. If you are not done in an hour, a walkthrough of the room will be given so that you get to see all the surprises.

I'm not good at puzzles. Is that ok?

Sure! There are always people in the group that have different skills that help. Some are good at puzzles. Others search well. There are many roles you could play: leader, coordinator, etc. There are more than one type of puzzle in each room as well. If you get really stuck, you can always get a hint!

Can I get hints?

Each hint is $5....No, just kidding. You can choose to ask for hints at any time. Typically if you are looking really stuck, a clue will be given to keep your experience moving along.

Am I locked in?

No, there is always an exit door open in case of emergency.

Can I play a room with just my friends?

If you do not buy all of the spots available for a room, there is a chance that another group of people will buy the remaining tickets. You are always free to buy all of the spots regardless of how many people you have.

Should I bring anything?

Just yourself and reading glasses if you need them.

How old do you have to be to play?

That is a tough question, and depends on the person and group. 7 years old would be the youngest I would recommend if there are parents in the room with them. The puzzles are challenging and the young children just won't be able to do them. However, they are excellent at finding clues! I would recommend at least teenagers for a group without adults.

Can I just show up and play?

Probably not. Staffing is based on reservations made in advance. If no players are scheduled for that time, there may not be anyone at the location to run the room. If there is someone there and there is a spot left to play, you are welcome to join in. Best bet is to call first if you are dropping by without booking a room for a specified time.

We have special needs. Can you accommodate us?

Please call us and we will do our very best.